COVID-19 Parent Support Page

We will continue to follow the Springfield School District with regards to closure and regulations. While we hope to meet atain soon we also want to help parents at home who may need support in keeping their little one engaged. Below is a list of fun things to do, links to web pages we find helpful, and our own curriculum schedule that we were planning on following. 

Each family is different and we know that the realities of what is possible at home are not the same as school. But you truly are the best teacher for your child so any time and effort you put their way will never go wasted. It's the simple things that children often remember so place emphasis on love and kindness during this time and that's what our children will remember. 

Fun things to do....

1. Nature walk- there are lots of wonderful scavenger hunts you can do online. Pick one and do it with your child, not only will they get outside but you'll find yourself teaching them LOTS about the world around them. 

2. Baking- Little ones love any chance to get in the kitchen like a grown up. Baking uses lots of math and has them practicing fine motor skills.

3. Read a book to them. We know it seems obvious, but research really supports reading to young children. It will make them better readers and provides wonderful snuggle time. If your child is not big on reading make it playful, use a puppet to read the book to them. 

Links we recommend...

1. Teaching Mama- this is a wonderful Blog with plenty of ideas an printables.


2. Bible App for Kids- a Bible story telling app that is interactive and easy to use. 


3. Teachers Pay Teachers- this is where WE often get packets, worksheets,

sensory bin ideas- you name it! You have to pay for some things but many

items are free.  

Last but not least, check out what we're going on ClassTag, FaceBook, and Instagram. Our teachers are posting daily with many more ideas and supports. 



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